Why Girls Need More Nude Bras

Why Girls Need More Nude Bras

By: Melody Lau
White shirts may be the most versatile, but it’s often tough to find a material that aren’t see-through or won’t show your bra. This is when a nude bra comes in hand — naturally blending into your skin tone.
However, many lingerie brands seem to only offer beige and lighter bras in their nude bra collections. Just like picking the right foundation or concealer, it’s important to have inclusive shades that represent all members of society.

If you’re ever shopping around for a nude bra, don’t settle for a bra that’s not a close match to your skin tone. A tip is to make sure to try it on under a white top in front of bright lights to see whether or not your “nude” bra will be on full display or not.

Personally, I have struggled with the wrong bra shade before while wearing a white top. I didn’t even realize my nude bra was too light for me until I saw the flash photos and immediately regretted my top and bra choice. 

I’ve learned my lesson since then, and I also recommend purchasing nude bras that are as simple as possible. No lace or frills or they may be noticeable under light tops and try out different styles to see which one looks best.

With nude bras, it’s all trial and error. Apricotton offers two neutral bras to fit all your needs - our Milk Tea Bra and Zero G Strapless Bra! It took some time to find the right shades as we wanted to create a neutral color that can fit perfectly for many girls, but it was well worth the wait.

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We understand our sandy tone may not be the perfect shade for you, and we are working hard in making new products and ensuring every girl feels represented.

If you have any tips on nude bra shopping or best practices for wearing a white or light top, be sure to message us or just say hi on IG! Please remember that no questions are ever embarrassing or too awkward.


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