How Many Bras Should I Own?

How Many Bras Should I Own?

Building your wardrobe, let alone your bra wardrobe, can get overwhelming with the various styles you will find in stores. With Apricotton, our guiding mission is to empower girls to confidently take on the numerous changes that come with puberty. To help you build a sustainable bra wardrobe, we will dive into various factors that influence this decision and offer some tips for caring for your bras, for extended longevity as they evolve with you throughout puberty. 

the basics: your everyday bra (2-3) 

To keep things simple, let’s start with the basics - your everyday bra should include neutral tones such as beige, black, or white. Having two or three of these within your reach ensures you will always have a clean and comfortable option for everyday wear. We recommend our Milk Tea Bra for a perfect, everyday neutral.

sports bras for an active lifestyle (2-3)

You may be involved with sports or physical activities -  owning sports specific bras is a staple to your collection. These bras offer additional support while minimizing discomfort during various activities. The fabric of these will also typically be moisture-wicking so you can feel confident and worry-free when exercising. Checkout our Artemis Sports Bra or Perfect Sports Bra!

special occasion bras (1) 

There are occasions where you will want to dress it up and some outfits call for a different kind of support and coverage. For example, if the outfit you are styling is strapless, you will want to pair it with a strapless bra. Our Zero G Strapless Bra can offer you just that. The straps are easily customizable, with a removable cup padding so you can choose the amount of coverage you desire.

Comfort Meets Trend:  Bralettes (1-2)

Bralettes are a comfortable and relaxed alternative to the everyday bra and owning one to two bralettes can elevate the variety of your bra collection 

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fabric care to make your bras last longer

One of the primary challenges of puberty is your ever changing body - that’s why Apricotton has designed bras that support you throughout the changes. For this reason, you will want to ensure your bra lasts a long time! Each Apricotton bra comes with detailed care instructions, and it is recommended to wash your bras every 1-2 weeks just as you would with any of your other clothes. If it is a sports bra or if you sweat in it, the frequency should be higher. Lastly, if it’s delicate, we recommend hand washing or putting it in a laundry bag so the material does not get damaged. 

Overall, the ideal teen bra wardrobe will depend on your lifestyle, preferences as well as wardrobe needs. With Apricotton, we focus on prioritizing your comfort and confidence regardless of the product you decide to wear. We designed a versatile collection to ensure that you’re always ready for any occasion - and most importantly that you feel good about yourself. 


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