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Are Bralettes Better Than Bras?

By: Kate McCallum

Ever since bralettes gained popularity in the late 2010s, girls have become curious - are bralettes truly better than underwires? While there is no clear-cut answer to this question, bralettes have many unique benefits that are not offered by underwire bras. Ultimately, your decision to wear an underwire bra, sports bra, bralette or no bra at all is entirely up to you! To help you consider incorporating bralettes into your wardrobe, Apricotton has highlighted some of the many advantages to wearing bralettes. 

Bralettes Have More Flexible Sizing

Bralettes are generally made of high-stretch fabric, just like Apricotton’s nylon and spandex Perfect Bralette. Without the restrictions of a rigid waistband, structured underwire and fixed cup sizes, bralettes tend to be less specific in their sizing. Bralettes continue to fit comfortably even as your breasts develop, making them ideal for girls going through puberty. Also, the process of buying a bralette is relatively simple - no need to worry about frequent sizings at bra stores! This feature makes bralettes the perfect, long-lasting gift. 

No Aches and Pains from Underwires

If you have ever worn a cupped bra, you're likely familiar with the indents and chafing that underwires leave behind on your chest and ribcage. While these marks are universally disliked, many women accept this downside of bras as being unavoidable... Fortunately, bralettes provide the perfect way around this issue. With soft, stretchy fabric, bralettes can be worn for hours on end without causing any discomfort. 

Bralettes are Easy to Style

While the typical beige, adjustable bra strap is not particularly appealing to the eye, bralettes have a more fashionable array of textures and colours. Since becoming popular in the fashion scene, bralettes have been incorporated as an accessory to modern outfits. Given their more aesthetic look, wearing a bralette gives you the freedom to discreetly hide your bra straps, or use them as an accent to your outfit. Apricotton’s highly adjustable Perfect Bralette has sleek, black straps that can be hidden or left visible. 

Bralettes are Versatile 

The best part about bralettes is their flexible function throughout the day. From comfortable loungewear to support during light exercise, bralettes adapt to your needs in various settings. Even better, the absence of stiff underwire makes them ideal as pajamas! This means that you can wear a single bralette from dusk to dawn, without needing to change. If you value low-effort comfort, bralettes are made for you!

Myth Busted: Bralettes Don't Cause Sagging

Although the benefits outlined above are enticing, many women avoid wearing bras because they think that underwire bras prevent sagging, and bralettes are contributors. There is no evidence that suggests wearing bralettes instead of bras contributes to breast sagging - your breast shape depends entirely on genetic factors, pregnancy and your age. This myth is fundamentally false, and invalidates the argument against wearing bralettes. 

Overall, bralettes provide a level of durable comfort that is unrivaled by most underwire bras. While bra preferences are unique to each person, bralettes are a fantastic option for girls looking for cozy, flexible support. 

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About the Author

Kate is a business student at Western University, who enjoys hiking and canoeing in her free time. As the oldest of three sisters, Kate has a passion for sharing advice, and helping girls build a sense of self-confidence.


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