bra shopping doesn't have to be awkward

Hii 🙋🏻‍♀️ When we were younger, we struggled to find bras that fit our growing bodies.

Ten years later, Jess took her 12-year old sister, Cindy, bra shopping, where she felt so uncomfortable in mature lingerie stores and getting measured by intimidating sales associates.

The only bras for her age were flimsy & thin training bras or compressing sports bras. Cindy tried on 15 bras to only find two that fit.

Eight months later, she grew out of them and had to restart this gruelling process all over again.

you don't have to go through puberty alone

90% of girls feel embarrassed to start wearing a bra, but that ends with us.

Apricotton is a Toronto-based teen bra brand that helps you feel confident during puberty. We’re the only bra brand globally that designs bras that grow as you grow, lasting multiple stages of puberty.

This means that you can wear the same bra when you develop from an AA to a D cup, or whenever your weight fluctuates 💛

It's just the two of us running Apricotton full-time and we're dedicating our lives to ensuring every girl feels prepared and stress-free to wear her first bras.

our bras are made with love

We asked hundreds of girls what they wanted in their dream bra and put each of those features into our Apricotton bras. They hide under tops and are SO comfy you'll forget you're wearing one.

After we design our bras, we collaborate with Virginia, our production manager in China, to perfect them. We carefully chose a manufacturer that is leading in ethical practices and sources the highest quality fabrics to feel gentle against your skin.

no more intimidating change rooms

Every bra is hand wrapped by either Jess or Chloe to celebrate getting your first bra (it's just the two of us running everything all day & night!). We also write you a personalized note 🎀

You'll be able to try on your bra in the comfort of your own home, with no pressure at all 🥰

You can also DM us your order number on Instagram or comment it on one of our TikTok videos and we'll post a video of us packing your order like Natasha's, Addie's, & Tiffany's!

every bra grows with you from when you're flat chested to when you finish developing with Apricotton Magic™

4x stretchier than dupes

to naturally form to you as your weight changes, breasts develop, or underbust widens

2 buttery soft inner layers

to provide full coverage so nothing shows through, even when you wear your bra without padding

adjustable straps

you can criss-cross to turn your bra invisible under any top (even racerbacks!)

moisture-wicking & breathable fabric

so soft you'll forget you're wearing a bra. It'll never feel tight or stiff against your ribcage

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