what color bra should I wear under a white shirt?

What Color Bra Should I Wear Under a White Shirt?

By: Lindsay Lam

Hey girl! Stuck on what to wear under a white shirt? It can be tricky since white shirts are a little sheer sometimes, but don't worry, we've got you covered. Let's talk about the best colors for bras to wear under white, easy tips for looking great, and fixes for common worries.

best bra colors under white shirts

  1. Nude or Skin Tone: Think about wearing a bra that matches your skin color. It blends in and won't show through your shirt. We recommend the Milk Tea Bra, which is perfect for everyday and hides under most tops!

  2. Red: Yep, that's right! Even red bras can hide under white shirts! How does this work?? Well, your skin has red undertones, so red bras often blend in well under white tops, even shirts that are on the thinner side. 

  3. White: You can always wear a white bra, just pick one without fancy designs so it won’t show under your shirt! Although some white bras may still be visible if they contrast against your skin, a great solution is to wear a shirt with thicker material. Our Perfect Bra is such a versatile bra for any occasion!

  4. Light Colors: Soft pastel colors like light pink or blue can also be good choices, as they are subtle and look nice under white. (Our Perfect Sports Bra and Cloud Bra are great pastel options!)

Here’s how Apricotton bras hide under a white top! 


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tips for looking great

  • Pick Smooth Bras: Look for bras made of soft, smooth fabric. They won't make lines or bumps under your shirt.
  • Get the Right Size: Make sure your bra fits well. No bulging or gaps! Adjust the straps so they're comfy.
  • Try Layering: If your white shirt is see-through, consider layering a cool jacket or cardigan on top!

    easy fixes for your worries

    • Straps Showing: Try a strapless bra (like the Zero G Strapless Bra) or pick a nude colored bra so the straps blend in with your skin tone.
    • Visible Lines: Wear bras that fit properly so there’s no weird bulging, and choose softer fabrics with a more seamless blend!

      Choosing the right bra color for a white shirt can be easy and fun! Whether you pick nude, red, light colors, or white, just make sure you feel comfy and confident. Follow these tips, and you'll always look great in your white tops! 

      Apricotton bras are perfect under every top - they’re super comfy and grow with you as you develop. Check out our bestsellers here or send us a message if you have any questions!

      About the Author:

      Lindsay is a Health Sciences and Business student at Western University who loves cooking and enjoying the outdoors. She hopes that more girls can feel confident growing up, and totally wishes she had Apricotton bras as a teen!


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