Apricotton Bras vs Cup Bras for Teens: The Ultimate Comparison

Apricotton Bras vs Cup Bras for Teens: The Ultimate Comparison

By: Lindsay Lam


Hey girl! Are you feeling a bit lost in the world of bras and all the options out there? We totally get it—finding the perfect bra can be super overwhelming. Whether you're starting your bra journey or looking for a fab upgrade, knowing the differences between Apricotton bras and other cup bras can make a huge difference. 


Cup bras are traditional bras often made with structured cups and underwires to provide shape and support, and are designed for more developed bodies. You may have noticed the range of sizes depending on cup size and band width, which can totally be confusing! Apricotton bras on the other hand, are made with you in mind. We designed our bras to prioritize healthy development and flexibility, with a simple size guide that you can follow from the comfort of your own home!

why choose Apricotton bras?

design and comfort

When it comes to bras, comfort is key. Apricotton bras are crafted with love and care, using soft, breathable fabrics that feel gentle and dreamy against your skin. Unlike many cup bras that can be stiff and uncomfy, Apricotton bras are all about giving you the cozy, supportive hug you deserve.
Cup bras often come with pesky underwires and heavy padding, which can be super annoying and even painful. Our bras are made to be comfy all day long with light padding and wire-free designs. Imagine a bra that feels like a second skin—because that’s exactly what you get with Apricotton. 

fit and flexibility

Getting the right fit is super important, especially since your body is still growing and changing in different ways. Apricotton bras come in a range of sizes that adapt to your unique shape, ensuring a perfect fit that moves with you. These bras are designed to grow with you, so you don’t have to worry about outgrowing them too soon. 

Bras in lingerie stores often use standard sizing that doesn’t always fit growing bodies. If you’ve been struggling to find one that’s just right, don’t worry - we’ve been there and totally understand! That’s why our bras feature adjustable bands and straps, so you can customize it to your fit. 🙂

support and development

Support is key when choosing a bra, especially for developing bodies. Apricotton bras offer gentle but effective support that’s perfect for you. The light padding and soft materials provide the right amount of support without putting too much pressure on your chest, which is super important for healthy development.
Many traditional bras are designed with adults in mind and focus on lift and shape that might not be right for teens, which can be uncomfortable and even affect your development. Apricotton bras provide just the right support, helping your body grow naturally and comfortably.

style and confidence

And let’s talk about style! Apricotton bras aren’t just comfy—they’re super cute too. With fun, youthful designs and colors, these bras help you feel confident and fabulous. Embracing your first bra doesn’t have to be boring. Instead of plain, basic styles that aren’t very exciting, Apricotton bras are designed to be both stylish and comfortable, making you feel good about wearing them. You deserve bras that are as fun and unique as you are!

Our Cloud Bra is just as comfy as it sounds!


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Finding the right bra doesn’t have to be hard at all. By understanding the differences between Apricotton bras and traditional cup bras, you can make a smart choice that supports your comfort, development, and style. Apricotton bras offer the perfect mix of design, fit, support, and style, making them the ideal choice for girls like you. Ready to find your perfect bra? Check out our selection of super comfy bras, all designed with you in mind.


About the Author:
Lindsay is a Health Science and Business student at Western University who loves cooking and enjoying the outdoors. She hopes that more girls can feel confident growing up, and totally wishes she had Apricotton bras as a teen!


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