Apricotton bras vs training bras

Apricotton Bras vs Training Bras

By: Lindsay Lam

Hey there! Feeling a bit confused about which bra to choose for your first? We totally get it—stepping into the world of bras can be a bit daunting. Whether you're just beginning your bra journey or searching for something better, understanding the differences between Apricotton bras and training bras can help you make a confident choice. You’ll see why Apricotton bras are a fabulous option for growing girls like you!

so…what’s the difference?

A training bra is a lightweight, often unstructured bra designed for young girls who are just beginning to develop. It provides minimal support and is intended to help girls get used to wearing a bra. However, these bras are often made with thin materials, don’t offer enough coverage, and are outgrown quickly. We wanted to make things easier for girls like you, so here’s how we designed Apricotton bras to be unique:

comfort and quality

Comfort is everything when it comes to bras, and this is where Apricotton shines. Apricotton bras are made with soft, breathable fabrics that feel gentle against your skin, ensuring you stay comfy all day long. No more dealing with flimsy or scratchy materials—Apricotton bras are all about that cozy, second-skin feel. Training bras on the other hand, are often designed with very light materials and little to no support, and might not provide the same level of softness and luxury as Apricotton bras. If you want a bra that offers both comfort and a touch of style, Apricotton is the way to go.

Apricotton bras grow with you

Finding the perfect fit is crucial, especially since your body is still growing and changing. Apricotton bras come in a variety of sizes designed to grow with you. They have adjustable bands and straps to fit you as you grow, and even come with removable padding! Instead of having to buy a new bra when you outgrow training bras, Apricotton bras are versatile and  long-lasting pieces that every girl should have in her wardrobe.

coverage and support

Have you ever been self-conscious about your nipples showing through a thin training bra? I certainly have, and totally wish I had an Apricotton bra growing up! Training bras often lack support or padding, especially for girls that are more active throughout the day. Apricotton bras are designed to offer gentle yet effective support with light padding and soft materials, and provide the right amount of support without putting too much pressure on your chest. This balance is crucial for healthy development and everyday comfort, not to mention self-confidence too! You deserve to shine without having to constantly worry about your body. ♥️

We’ve thought of everything so you don’t have to!


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Choosing between an Apricotton bra and a training bra doesn’t have to be tough. By understanding the differences in comfort, fit, support, and style, you can make the best choice for you. Apricotton bras offer a unique blend of quality, support, and fashion, making them an excellent option for growing girls like you. If you feel ready to get your first bra, we’ve made it easy for you: here are some of our favorite bras that would be perfect for you.

About the Author:

Lindsay is a Health Science and Business student at Western University who loves cooking and enjoying the outdoors. She hopes that more girls can feel confident growing up, and totally wishes she had Apricotton bras as a teen!


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