Why Training Bras are Not Good Enough for Your 12 Year Old

Why Training Bras are Not Good Enough for Your 12 Year Old

By: Kate McCallum
For decades, young girls have struggled to find training bras that suit their unique and ever-evolving needs. Teens and tweens often feel isolated, as large corporations fail to offer products that understand the nuanced difficulties of puberty. In all facets that typical training bras fail to support young girls, Apricotton is there for them. Below we have outlined the most common shortfalls of retail training bras, and how Apricotton bras address these shortfalls.

training bras are non-adjustable

Many young women are deterred from typical training bras, as they have poor adjustability which causes girls to outgrow their bras within a matter of months. This is a significant setback, as it requires customers to frequently undergo the tedious and uncomfortable task of bra shopping at department and lingerie stores. Apricotton bras save you from this discomfort, offering the most adjustable bra on the market!

training bras are non-breathable and sweat-collecting 

Training bras are typically made of a mixed cotton fabric, which collects moisture as you sweat throughout the day. This results in chaffing, an accumulation of body odor and general discomfort. Apricotton bras are made of soft, moisture-wicking fabric, which is guaranteed to keep you feeling dry and fresh throughout the day. Customers say “it’s the softest bra I've ever worn!!”

training bras are unsupportive

67.2% of girls under the age of 18 are deterred from wearing bras as they do not fit them properly, and cause symptoms such as back pain, tenderness and pain while exercising. It is common for bra companies to make their bras unstructured in order to improve comfort. Instead, Appricotton has found a compromise between comfort and support, allowing you to move freely! Our bras are made with a robust elastic waistband for optimal support when exercising - designed to avoid irritation. These bras are perfect for the various activities of 12 year old girls, and our Perfect Sports Bra is a bestseller for a reason.

you can see my training bra through my shirt!

First-time bra users are typically embarrassed by others seeing their training bras through their clothing. With thick fabric and noticeable silhouettes, it can be hard to keep your bra discrete from others. Although Apricotton wants to help dismantle the stigma around puberty, we also want to help you feel comfortable and confident when you wear bras! This is why we’ve designed bras that can be hidden entirely. With a buttery soft dual inner layer and criss-crossable straps, you can wear our bras seamlessly under your outfit of choice! Wanting a sleeveless top for summer? We’ve got you covered with our Zero G Strapless Bra 😉

buying training bras is embarrassing & awkward

A majority of girls going through puberty described their first bra shopping experience as being embarrassing or stressful. The intimidating atmosphere of a lingerie store, or the lack of support offered in department stores have contributed to a universally negative first bra-shopping experience. 


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At Apricotton, our goal is to rewrite the narrative around bra-shopping to one of empowerment and excitement. We have achieved this time and time again by hand-wrapping each bra in exciting packaging. Wearing your first bra is a momentous occasion that should be celebrated! Not only do we design the best bras to maximize comfort, but our blog posts and social media provide valuable advice to ease you through any challenge that puberty presents. 


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