How Often Should You Replace Your Bra?

How Often Should You Replace Your Bra?

By: Kate McCallum

Have you ever wondered when it is time to remove your worn-in, stretched-out bras from your weekly rotation? Look no further - Apricotton is here to answer your burning questions about when and why your favorite bra reaches its expiry date. 

by the numbers

It is generally held that you should replace your bra every six to twelve months, but this varies significantly based on how often you wash your bras, how frequently they are worn, and the types of activities you pursue when wearing the bras. When considering how frequently to wash your bras between wears, experts typically recommend washing your bra every 2-3 wears. While it is up to personal preference, frequent washes allow the bra structure to relax, and prevents oils from building up in its fabric. 

signs that your bra needs replacing 

Beyond recommended time frames, there are many observable indicators that your bra is in need of replacement. If you notice any of the following features presenting themselves, it is probably time for a new bra:

  • The bra no longer fits (cups are too small)
  • Bra straps are becoming loose
  • Underwire pokes out of the bra (ouch!)
  • The band becomes stretched (no longer fitting your rib cage)
  • The fabric begins to fray 
  • There is discoloration (blotches or streaks)
  • The bra carries an odor

what influences the lifespan of a bra?

Like any reasonable shopper, you are probably wondering how to take care of your bra to maximize its useful life. Although wear and tear is eventually inevitable, certain factors will cause a bra to deteriorate at different rates. The primary factor dictating longevity is the level of activity you perform while wearing the bra. Exercising frequently in your bra, or living in a more humid environment can cause more moisture to accumulate, and cause signs of deterioration to present themselves quickly. A helpful tip to prevent your favorite bras from being damaged by moisture is changing into a designated sports bra before exercising, and back into a dry bra afterwards. In doing so, your casual everyday bras will have longer lifespans, and your athletic bras will have the opportunity to dry immediately after being worn. 

what makes Apricotton bras so durable? 

As mentioned above, the principal indicator that your bra needs replacing is if it does not fit. Apricotton’s bras are designed to grow as you grow, allowing a single bra size to support you through periods of growth. More so, Apricotton’s soft moisture-wicking fabric and stretchy band prevents the shape of your bra from deteriorating - unlike more structured, underwire counterparts. Apricotton offers the comfort and quality you need- shop our bestselling bras here.


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