Why Do I Need to Wear a Sports Bra?

Why Do I Need to Wear a Sports Bra?

By: Melody Lau

From underwire bras to bralettes, there are so many bra designs that there’s even a Wikipedia page on it! We understand bras can be confusing and you may be unsure of which one to wear for which occasion. We’re here to help and we’ll first start off with discussing why wearing a sports bra is important when exercising. 

Whether you’re jogging around your block for some fresh air or following a workout routine on Youtube, we recommend wearing a sports bra. 

You may think to yourself you’re not doing an intense routine and a regular bra would be efficient; however, physical activity causes breasts to bounce up and down which may cause soreness, pain and sagging. 

According to Holabird Sports, breasts have no muscle and without adequate support, the skin and Cooper’s ligaments (ligaments that give breasts their shape and size) can break down by becoming overstretched which causes breast pain and contributes to sagging. 

Sports bras work to reduce this movement with their level of compression and support. Don’t be worried if your sports bra feels snug, as it’s supposed to feel tighter than an everyday bra. 

For sizing and measuring, you will most likely not need to size down since your sports bra size is likely the same as your regular bra size. We definitely recommend trying on a few different styles to see which one feels best. Our tip when trying on a sports bra is to do a breath test by taking a deep breath in and out to see if you’re comfortable and if your breathing feels normal.

Sports bras fall into three main categories: compression, encapsulation or encapsulation-compression. 

The Three Types of Sports Bras

Compression Bras: The word “compression” may sound intimidating, but think of these bras as a supportive hug without the discomfort of an underwire. They compress your breasts against your chest to hold them in place and restrict movement. Compression bras are recommended for females with smaller cup sizes (A-C) and worn during low and medium impact activities. If you have larger breasts, these bras can create the appearance of a “uniboob” and cause unwanted sweating and chafing.

Encapsulation Bras: Encapsulation bras are similar to everyday bras because they also have individual cups for each breast. These bras usually have an underwire to separate your breasts and restrict movement. An advantage is they provide a more natural breast shape compared to compression bras. Females of all cup sizes can wear this bra to help protect their Cooper’s ligaments while also not being in fear of the “uniboob”. 

Encapsulation-Compression Bras: You can get the best of both worlds and the most support with an encapsulation-compression sports bra. These bras have cups to support each breast separately while also compressing the breasts against the chest. They are recommended for all cup sizes, specifically for high-impact workouts. Encapsulation-compression bras will provide the most comfort for those with bigger breasts who engage in intense workouts.

Even if you think a sports bra is unnecessary because your breasts are small, all girls experience bouncing during physical activity and should be wearing a sports bra while exercising. 

Check out our Perfect Sports Bra with moisture-wicking material and a stretchable elastic band to provide sweat control. Our bra also has adjustable straps with the ability to criss-cross these straps to make them invisible under tank tops. They’re softer than typical sports bras on the market to ensure you feel super comfortable in gym class.

If you have any “embarrassing” questions that are living rent-free in your mind, be sure to message us or just say hi on IG! Please remember that no questions are ever embarrassing or too awkward.

About the Author:

Melody is a Master’s student in Journalism and Communication at Western and hopes to pursue a career in entertainment or investigative journalism. She also loves Letterboxd, country music and is excited to be a part of the Apricotton Team! Connect with her here


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