Anika's Story: What I Learned About Puberty

Anika's Story: What I Learned About Puberty

By: Anika In’T Hout

Puberty is a time in your life that is full of changes, making it both exciting and scary. You will notice new things happening to your body as well as new and confusing emotions. As somebody who has already gone through the awkwardness of puberty, I have some tips to help you as you go through this phase in your life. Looking back at my tween and teen years, here is what I wish I knew when I went through puberty. 

You’re not alone 

Sometimes when you go through puberty, it feels like nobody gets what you’re going through. Other times, you may feel like it’s too weird or embarrassing to talk about the changes you see with your body. When I went through puberty, there were times where I didn’t want to talk to anybody about what I was feeling. But the truth is, everybody goes through puberty. So whether it’s your parent, your friend or even us here at Apricotton, there are people you can reach out to who can help you deal with puberty and all of its weirdness. There is no need to feel embarrassed or ashamed about talking about the new changes with your body and your emotions. 

It’s not a race to the finish line

Ooh, boy, this is a big one. When it comes to puberty, everyone is unique and develops at different times and speeds. While I grew taller and faster than most of my friends, I was a late bloomer when it came to my breasts. All I wanted was for my breasts to get bigger to match the other girls I saw at my school, so looking back, I wish somebody had told me that puberty is not a sprint, it’s a marathon, and you go at your own pace. Don’t compare yourself to other people, instead just focus on yourself. 

This too will pass

It’s important to remember that puberty is just a temporary phase in your life. Even if it feels like it will last forever, it really doesn’t. This also applies to other elements of puberty too. When I went through puberty, sometimes I would be hit with such intense emotions that I never thought they would go away. So if you have a really heavy period or are experiencing an intense mood swing and feel like it will never end, just take a few deep breaths and remind yourself that it is only temporary and it will be over soon. 

Embrace the changes

Puberty is a natural and normal part of life. So instead of fighting it or running from it, embrace it. The growing pains, the breasts, the acne, the hair growing in new places, the stretch marks, the curves, the first period, embrace it all. I used to wear baggy pants and hoodies to try and hide my body during puberty. If I could go back, I would tell myself to stop trying to hide what I was going through and instead just embrace it. Because yes, puberty is weird, awkward and uncomfortable at times. But it’s also a part of growing up. 

Don’t let puberty get in the way

While puberty is obviously a big part of your tween and teen years, don’t let it get in the way of the other great things in your life. Go to school, join sports and clubs, try out for the school play, learn an instrument, hang out with friends, learn to drive, try out new hobbies, go on dates, have slumber parties, go on adventures, and just have fun. I wish I could say to my younger self that even though puberty will be an important part of your life for the next few years, don’t let that stop you from doing all the things you want to do. 

Overall, puberty is not always an easy time for tweens and teens. But if you learn from my mistakes, you will have a much easier time than I ever did. Yes, puberty is exciting, scary, stressful and awkward, but you will get through it. Plus, you have us here to help guide you. If you have any puberty-related questions, we are here for you. Send us your questions with our contact form or DM us on Instagram!

About the Author

Meet Anika, our content creator and copywriter! In her final year at Western, she’s studying media and creative writing. Even though it’s been a while since she had to deal with the awkwardness of buying her first bra, she is excited to join the Apricotton team and make bra shopping a little bit easier for tween and teen girls. You can connect with her here.


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