Which Apricotton Bra Should I Get?

Which Apricotton Bra Should I Get?

By: Selina Barker

I don’t love bra shopping. Even now in my twenties, though I own 14 bras, I admit to having only 4 I regularly, happily wear, because the rest are either too big, too small, too tight, or feel like torture by the end of the day.

When I started feeling like I needed to wear a bra in 6th grade, I was still getting hand-me-down clothes from my older cousins. Lo and behold, I got their old green cotton training bra. Picture two cotton triangles stitched onto a ribbon of stiff fabric with spaghetti straps. No coverage, no padding, no adjusting. It was essentially just a second layer of fabric over my boobs underneath my t-shirt. And it was BRIGHT GREEN! I was mortified when I wore it under a white t-shirt to school and my friends asked, “are you wearing a bra!?” I quickly denied it and tried to convince them it was more like a tiny crop top than a bra, because I felt like I didn’t fit in. Having an ugly training bra that didn’t’ even cover anything was too much for eleven-year-old me to handle.

I would have been over the moon if I had Apricotton back then to help me through puberty – my virtual big sister who was making high quality bras specifically for MY body type? I’d have burned those green triangles and gone straight for a Perfect Bra.

There are quite a few Apricotton bras to choose from, and each was specially designed for different activities so your bra actually makes you feel confident when you’re at school, playing sports, or just lounging around. Here’s different features of our bras so you can choose the best one for your lifestyle:

The Differences

The Perfect Bra is THE perfect first bra. It’s white, so it won’t stick out under light or white tops. And it won’t fade or turn greyish in the wash. It has the highest neckline for maximum coverage, and a thick, supportive band. The Milk Tea Bra is similarly perfect for a first bra, but has a lower, V-shaped neckline. Paired with its milk tea color, it’s invisible under any top.

The Perfect Sports Bra is blush pink to complement your skin tone, best for staying active. It has a scoop neckline and thicker elastic band than the Perfect Bra for added support while being able to hide under low-cut shirts. The Artemis Sports Bra is similar to our Perfect Sports Bra, but in black with a 1cm lower neckline, based on customer feedback! Both sports bras are designed to bend and fold with you, instead of compressing or restricting you during workouts like your typical stiff sports bra. They’re super stretchy to make it easy to take off after a sweaty workout.

The Perfect Bralette / Swimlette is perfect for lounging around. While you pull the other bras over your head to put on, the Perfect Bralette has one easy hook clasp to go on like a typical bra which is a great introduction to more traditional clasp bras you may have later. The Perfect Bralette also doesn’t have any padding so it feels super lightweight, but we triple layered the cups so your nipples won’t show through. It also has a thin band for more casual wear so you’ll completely forgetting you’re wearing a bra. Better yet, it doubles as a swim top and is super fast drying!

The Cloud Bra is Apricotton's most customizable bra, with an adjustable back band so you can adjust it as you grow (or shrink!). The light blue adds a pop of color, but doesn't show through shirts. The back band also makes it perfect for shirts with lower backs. 

The Similarities

All the bras except for The Perfect Bralette / Swimlette are a pull-over style and have removable cup padding. The Cloud Bra can be pulled-over or unhooked. They’re easy to wear like a t-shirt that you pull over your head so you don’t have to worry about messing with tiny, complicated clasps. The padded cups can come right out if you want less coverage but are specially designed not to slide around during wear or fall out in the washing machine. And yes, all our bras are machine washable!

All our bras have adjustable straps so they hold your boobs up exactly where you find it most comfortable. The straps can unhook at the back so you can wear your bra criss-crossed to hide under racerbacks. They also all have a stretchy elastic band, making them easy to pull on and off while supporting you as you grow! You don’t even need to know your cup size since our bras are only sized based on your underbust measurement - each Apricotton bra size (S, M, L, XL) fits a size A to D cup.

Every bra is made with buttery soft, moisture-wicking fabric on the inside and outside so you’ll never have any kind of chafing or discomfort on even the most sensitive skin. Our fabric is stretchy and breathable to keep you cool all day, even while you exercise. None of the bras have wires so they never poke or dig in, and are even comfy enough to sleep in.

All Apricotton bras are double lined with a soft inner-layer to ensure they’re not see-through, so your nipples stay hidden even if you wear your bra unpadded. Each bra has a stylish yet classic, sleek design with no frills, bows, rhinestones, or anything that might show under your shirt so they’ll never go out of style. They’re even tagless for maximum comfort and zero itch factor!

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About the Author:

Selina Barker is a writer from Toronto, ON, currently in the final year of her Honours Arts undergraduate degree at the University of Waterloo. She is doing an English Language and Literature major because of her longtime passion for writing and reading. 


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