What to Wear With Different Panty Colours

What to Wear With Different Panty Colours

By: Anika In’t Hout

In our recent blog post, types of bra colours + what to wear with them, we talked about the different types of bra colours and what clothing to wear with each colour bra. But this idea that not all bra colours work with all clothes doesn’t just apply to bras, it applies to panties too. 

Like bras, underwear not only comes in lots of different styles but in lots of different colours too. But whether you like to wear skirts, jeans, leggings or something in between, not all colours of panties work with every outfit in your closet. So how do you know what colours to buy and what colours to wear with what? Here is the full breakdown of the types of panty colours and what clothing to wear with them.   

Nude panties

Like nude bras, nude panties are a must-have staple because they practically go with everything. While not exactly the most fun or exciting colour, having nude underwear is necessary because as they are designed to match your skin tone, meaning that you won’t be able to see them through your clothes. While they are the universal colour of underwear, our advice though would be to avoid wearing nude panties with darker coloured outfits. This is because sometimes you can see lighter coloured panties through darker coloured clothes and that’s not fun. So instead, wear this colour of underwear with lighter coloured outfits like a white dress, a pink skirt or light blue jeans. 

Black panties 

Similar to nude-colour underwear, having at least one pair of black panties in your dresser is a must. Maybe not as cute as colours like pink or green, black underwear is perfect for all the darker coloured outfits in your closet. Almost like the exact opposite of nude underwear, avoid wearing this colour with lighter coloured outfits and instead keep them for days you want to wear darker coloured clothing. Whether you want to wear a purple skirt, dark blue jeans or a classic LBD, having black panties will help you out. And if you want to match your panties with a black bra, check out our cute black Perfect Bralette.    

White panties

White underwear isn’t as necessary as the nude or black options but because it can be worn with as many outfits, you can still definitely find ways to wear this colour. While a lot of people think that white panties are perfect with white jeans or white dresses, this actually isn’t true. When you wear white underwear with white clothes, rather than making your underwear invisible, it has the opposite effect and usually just makes your panties look more obvious. So skip the white outfits and stick with clothes with heavier fabrics that will make your white underwear harder to see. If you’re looking for a matching bra, you’ll want to check out our comfortable, white Perfect Bra

Colourful panties

From bright blue to hot pink to lime green, colourful panties are a cute option that can add a little fun and personality to your outfits, even if nobody sees them. The tricky thing about colourful panties though is finding clothing options that make your panties invisible under your clothes. The main thing is to avoid wearing light-coloured pants, skirts and dresses because your panties will shine through and probably attract a lot of unnecessary attention. So, instead, when you want to put on colourful underwear, make sure you wear darker coloured clothes made of heavy fabrics so you can feel good in your colourful panties without worrying about other people seeing them. Now, the only exception to this rule would be red underwear because like red bras, the red colour blends with your skin tone and becomes invisible under white clothing.  

Patterned panties

Whether it’s polka dots, palm trees or cheetah print, panties with patterns are a fun choice to add to your dresser drawer. But, just like colourful underwear, patterned panties may be cute, but can show through your clothes and attract unwanted attention if you’re not careful. And we don’t want that. This is why it’s best to stay away from white and light-coloured clothes and instead, wear skirts and pants with darker colours and heavier fabrics.  

There’s the full run-down of what colours of panties work and don’t work with different kinds of clothing. Got more questions about panties? Let us know in our contact form or DM us on Instagram!


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Meet Anika, our content creator and copywriter! Even though it’s been a while since she had to deal with the awkwardness of buying her first bra, she is excited to join the Apricotton team and make bra shopping a little bit easier for tween and teen girls. You can connect with her here.


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