Bras to Pair with Different Coloured Tops

Bras to Pair with Different Coloured Tops

By: Anika In’t Hout

When shopping for your first bra, the biggest thing is making sure that it’s the right size and it fits properly. But another important part of picking a bra is the colour. With all of the different patterns, styles and colours bras come in these days, it can be hard to know what colour bra to buy. 

Fun fact - did you know that not every colour of bra works with every kind of shirt? So, when you go bra shopping, how do you know what bra colour to get? From white t-shirts to floral dresses, what bras work with what clothing? Here is the full lowdown on what each colour of bra and panty works with what clothing.

The nude bra

When getting your first bra, we recommend starting out with a nude-coloured one. We know this colour may seem boring compared to some of the more fun, colourful ones out there, but you really can’t go wrong with this bra colour because they can practically go with anything. As nude bras match your skin tone, they are designed to be invisible under your clothes. From striped shirts to flannel to pastel pink tops, you will for sure want to have a nude bra in your dresser at all times because it will work with almost anything you wear. If you’re looking for a flattering tan-coloured bra, try out our Milk Tea Bra.    

The black bra

Like the nude bra, black bras are another must-have staple to keep in your dresser drawer. The biggest no-no with black bras is wearing a white shirt because it will almost always show through. Instead, black bras are perfect to wear under darker tops, like brown, purple or navy blue. If you’re looking for a cute black-coloured bra, look no further than our Perfect Bralette.    

The white bra

You would think that wearing a white bra with a white shirt or even a dark-coloured top would be perfect, but in reality, you can usually see when a white bra shines through in both white and dark colour clothing because it’s so bright. If you already have a white bra though, you can simply wear a white camisole or tank top on top to make it less bright and harder to see under your outfit. If you’re looking for a white bra, check out our super comfortable Perfect Bra

The red bra

So, if you can’t wear a white or black bra with a white shirt, what can you wear? Well, oddly enough, a red bra is your best bet when it comes to white tops. It’s weird and surprising, but the red colour blends with your skin tone and becomes invisible under white shirts. The closer the red colour matches your skin colour, the less you will see the bra under the white shirt. So if you have a fairer skin tone, look for a pink or light red bra, and if you have a darker skin tone, look for bras in shades like burgundy and maroon. 

The patterned or coloured bra

Patterned, print, and colourful bras are cute, fun, and can lift your spirits as you get dressed in the morning. But, how do you make sure that nobody sees your colourful bra under your clothes? Stay away from white or lighter clothes, and instead try wearing darker colours and heavier fabrics which keep the pattern from peaking through. This doesn’t mean that you have to wear all black, though. As long as your top is darker than the darkest colour on your bra, you will be good to go.  

There’s the full run-down of what bra colours work with what clothing. Got more bra questions for us? Let us know in our contact form or DM us on Instagram

About the Author

Meet Anika, our content creator and copywriter! In her final year at Western, she’s studying media and creative writing. Even though it’s been a while since she had to deal with the awkwardness of buying her first bra, she is excited to join the Apricotton team and make bra shopping a little bit easier for tween and teen girls. You can connect with her here.



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