Older Sister Advice: Relationships

Older Sister Advice: Relationships

By: Elizabeth Casciaro

It might feel like everyone around you can’t stop talking about crushes and relationships. In an environment like that, it can be pretty easy to start feeling left behind. However, everyone experiences this, so here are a few tips from Elizabeth from Apricotton on how to navigate this awkward time and avoid feeling left out.

Don’t Rush into a Serious Relationship Before You’re Ready

Many girls find themselves in relationships that they’re either not prepared for or not satisfied with because of the immense pressure they feel socially to start dating. When everyone around you has a partner, it can be tempting to pair up with someone quickly to stop the FOMO. Realistically, though, this is not a good idea as it often leads to heartbreak and potentially even holding yourself back from normal teenage experiences (such as discovering your identity without the influence of anyone else). Ultimately, your younger years are the perfect time to work on yourself and discover more about who you are, which can be hampered if you’re being consumed by a serious relationship. Try to remember, you have your entire life to date and don’t need to worry about settling down with someone right away! In the long run, you’ll be much more satisfied if you take your time and avoid rushing milestones to fit in with everyone else.

Recognize that More People are in Your Position Than You Realize

Trust me, I definitely know how it feels when it seems like everyone is dating except for you. However, that’s actually pretty far from the truth and many more teens are single than you may think. In fact, in 2017, 49% of twelfth graders reported never having dated at all! 

Recognize the Value of All the Different Types of Relationships in your Life

Relationships don’t have to be romantic: your family and friendships can be just as or even more fulfilling. Invest time into them so that they stay strong and healthy, because these people often stay around a lot longer than a middle or high school partner. Your future self will be grateful that you never forgot the most important people in your life. Remember, the company of your peers and loved ones is immensely valuable, and it shows that just because you’re single doesn't mean you have to feel lonely.

Ultimately, relationships aren’t a bad thing. However, it’s important for you to realize as girls, the ability to be independent is immensely valuable, and that they’re whole on their own and that it’s completely normal (and common!) to take things at a slow pace or choose to be single. You’re not falling behind as everyone moves through life at their own pace. 

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About the Author:

Elizabeth is a 4th year English student at Western University. She's excited to be working with Apricotton because she believes everyone deserves a comfortable bra shopping experience!


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