Kath's story: it's ok if you're still figuring it out

Kath’s Story: It's ok if You're Still Figuring it Out

By: Katherine Jiang

So, the good thing about my first bra shopping experience is that it didn’t involve an awkward sales associate experience where I was surrounded by lacy push-up lingerie. 

The not so good thing about my first bra shopping experience is that it didn’t involve me being measured, or in a store at all. 

I was, and still am a tiny girl. Finding clothing small enough is tough, let alone bras. One day, my mom literally just came home from the mall with two 32A t-shirt bras because “they’re the smallest size”.  

She was pretty excited for me to have my first bras, especially since all her friends swore by these more mature looking bras, and she managed to catch a solid bundle deal on them too. But I was always fixing a band that kept riding up, tightening straps to fix gapping, and very aware that this size was NOT it. Don’t get me wrong, they were pretty comfortable for all of 30 seconds on the tightest hook and with the straps crossed. 

So one day in high school after a few years of the wrong size, I just decided to measure myself. But here’s the thing - I don’t know why, but my measuring tool on hand was a school ruler. So I measured myself with yarn, and then measured that with said school ruler. That, along with the different chest measurements felt like absolute rocket science, so I just ended up going down a band size which fit me better, but not perfectly, and is only available online. Padded bralettes were an absolute game changer (and still are)! 

Flash forward to today, after proper measuring, I’ve finally been able to find my size. So if you’re still figuring it out, don’t sweat it! We’ve all been there, and it can take a while. What matters is that you find your fit that makes you feel comfortable and confident!

If you’re struggling to find your proper measurement, check out Apricotton bras, which use a super simple sizing system. You can find the sizing chart at the bottom of any product page!


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