How to Find the Perfect Sports Bra

How to Find the Perfect Sports Bra

By: Miranda Diez

Physical activity? Yes! Playing sports? We love it, you got this! But one thing we don't love is when our uncomfy sports bras make our healthy lifestyles more difficult. With so many brands and styles of sports bras out there, the hunt for the perfect bra can get overwhelming at times. Does this fit right? Will my chest be supported enough for a high-intensity activity? Will you be able to feel or see sweat? Ugh, does this one come in any other colours? These are all questions us girls face on the daily. If you've never been sports bra shopping before, or are looking for some tips for comfort and style, Apricotton is here to help! We've come up with a list of qualities you can look for in a sports bra so you can continue being the active, health queen you are (but much comfier). 

Let's get started!

Your sports bra should fit correctly

For starters, a well-fitting bra will make your life a lot easier. But how should a sports bra fit? There are a few things you can look for when trying on a sports bra to let you know if it's the right fit. 

First off, a sports bra will naturally be tighter than a regular bra because it has to support you during physical activities. BUT, it shouldn't be so tight that it leaves marks or cuts off your circulation. Also, if you've been sweating, taking off a too-tight sports bra is quite a struggle. So, if you're experiencing these issues, you might want to size up. But, we also recommend not getting a sports bra that's too big either. Like we said before, the goal is support. So, if it's too big, you might feel uncomfortable doing some forms of physical activity. 

The rule that we live by is - if you can fit two fingers between your sports bra and your body, the bra fits perfectly! This test will typically let you know if your bra is too tight, too big, or just right. One of the things we discovered at Apricotton is that once you find a sports bra you like, all the others lack in comparison. But our bodies are constantly changing, so it can be a bummer if our fav bra can't adapt to our changes. The Apricotton Perfect Sports Bra is designed with a double layer of material and removable cups. This means you can modify the fit and support of your sports bra based on your changing needs. So, in short, your fav Perfect Sports Bra will be your go-to for years to come thanks for our modifiable design. 

Your sports bra should be supportive AND comfortable

As we mentioned before, comfort is one of the perks of wearing a sports bra rather than a regular bra. But a common issue with sports bra designs is that the more comfortable bras, made of soft material that fits well, often lack support. It's hard to find a happy medium, but you shouldn't have to compromise. We want stretchy, soft, and supportive sports bras. So, we suggest choosing a bra based on the comfort and support provided by the cups, straps, and band. 

Okay, let's break it down. 

1. The Cups - Depending on how much support you need, cups may or may not be necessary. Girls with a larger chest tend to look for sports bras with cups because it will help your chest stay in place when doing physical activity. However, for girls with smaller chests, cups may add extra bulk that only gets in the way while exercising. 

2. The Straps - The straps are an often overlooked aspect of a sports bra that can either provide a lot of comfort or a lot of discomfort. Girls with a large chest might want to look for a sports bra with medium to high support. This type of support is often achieved with thick straps, as thin straps may dig into their skin and hurt after physical activity from the weight of their chest. But girls with smaller chests may prefer thinner straps for lighter support from their sports bra. 

3. The Band - We talked a bit about the two-finger rule earlier, but we want to stress how crucial proper band fit is to finding a comfortable sports bra. Making sure that your sports bra's band has enough elasticity will make a huge difference! For instance, Apricotton's sports bras feature an elastic waistband hidden in the seam to make putting on, taking off, and wearing the sports bra as comfortable as possible

Your sports bra should be made of moisture-wicking/anti-sweat material 

As we've mentioned countless times, when looking for the perfect sports bra, it needs to be seriously comfortable. Otherwise, you're not going to feel motivated to do any kind of exercise. So your sports bra should be able to handle whatever kind of physical activity and sweating you might be doing. 

Dri-fit, anti-sweat, moisture-wicking are key characteristics of the ultimate sports bra. We want our sports bras to be breathable, comfortable, soft, and stretchy. Plus, not being able to feel or see sweat when working out is a must when picking your bra. HOWEVER, most of the brands that produce sports bras made from this material can be quite expensive, which is a real bummer if you're on a budget.

At Apricotton, we believe that you can have the best of both worlds with a bra made of moisture-wicking material, at an affordable price. While materials like cotton can be very comfortable and breathable, sweat can get trapped and may be visible on the material. Nylon is an excellent anti-sweat material, wicking moisture from the skin so it can evaporate. Spandex is also a good option because it is stretchy, comfortable, and dries quite quickly. Apricotton's Perfect Sports Bra is made from 79% Nylon and 21% Spandex, offering girls the ultimate in anti-sweat comfort.

Your sports bra should suit your style

You shouldn't have to compromise your personal style when picking a sports bra. You can gain a lot of confidence if you're rocking a sports bra that feels good and stylish. At Apricotton, we love a pop of colour, so our sports bras are available in a cute pink to match any workout fit. If your style is more subdued or classic, solid colours may be your preference. But if you're feeling bold, it's usually not too difficult to find fun and colourful sports bras, as most brands offer a variety of patterns and designs. Choose a style that speaks to you! 

Aside from pattern and colour, the style or shape of the sports bra is also worth considering. Sometimes girls like the look of thick straps and removable cups. Others may prefer thin, crisscross straps that can be hidden under a tank top, and no cups. All styles look great, it simply depends on your personal preference and what makes you feel the most confident and happy! The Apricotton Perfect Sports Bra features an adjustable strap that can convert regular shoulder straps into a crisscross back by unclipping the straps at the back. This modifiable design means you can match your sports bra to whatever outfit or mood you're in when you work out.

Best Sports Bra For You

So basically, pick the sports bra that makes you feel the most comfortable and confident when you're doing physical activity. There is no "one style fits all" because everyone's body and preferences are different. If you feel supported, you can fit two fingers between your band and your body, your straps don't dig into your skin, and you love the pattern of the moisture-wicking material, you have found the PERFECT sports bra. Congratulations! And if you're looking for a high-quality, reasonably-priced, cute and adjustable sports bra, we recommend taking a look at Apricotton's Perfect Sports Bra for all your physical activity needs ;)

About the Author:

Miranda Diez is a recent graduate from Ryerson University's Professional Communication program with minors in Marketing and Communication Design. She currently works in freelance writing and graphic design. Miranda is an avid dragon boat paddler and loves the outdoors.


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