Why Apricotton makes the best sports bras for athletes

Why Apricotton makes the best sports bras for athletes

By: Kate McCallum

Adolescence is the perfect time to explore all of your athletic interests - you deserve a sports bra that supports this curiosity! Apricotton bras are specially made to address any sporting need, from dance to football. With a well-rounded design, you will be equipped for any sport with a single bra. Below we have outlined some of the many unique ways that Apricotton stands out in a sea of generic, unidimensional sports bras. 

Breathable Fabric for High Intensity Cardio 

After you finish a cardio-intensive activity such as running or playing soccer, you are often met with feelings of fatigue, satisfaction, and an all too familiar pool of sweat on your chest and back! The standard sports bra often sacrifices breathability for rigid support, leaving young women in horrible discomfort as mixed cotton fabrics collect moisture throughout exercise. Luckily, Apricotton bras are made with lightweight, moisture-wicking fabric, allowing you to sweat it out while keeping your undergarments clean and dry! Our fabric is particularly beneficial for any outdoor activities such as soccer or baseball, allowing you to keep cool as you hit the field. 

Hidden Straps for Dance Leotards 

The infamous bra strap - a universal pet peeve for dance instructors and dancers alike. As you prepare for dance rehearsals, you likely feel restricted in your choice of bras in fear of your straps showing from under your leotard. However, Apricotton’s criss-cross straps, dual inner layer and neutral colors allow your bra to lay flat against your bodysuit, and straps to be hidden under any top. With such a distinctive bra, you can dance to your heart’s content without worrying about tedious outfit details. 

Supportive Design for Gymnastics and Running 

While running and gymnastics are freeing activities, many girls with larger chest sizes struggle with chafing and back pain which holds them back from enjoying these experiences. Where many sports bras opt for a rigid and suffocating approach to chest support, Apricotton offers a compromise - a supportive design with the comfort of a bralette! Our bras are designed with a robust elastic waistband for extraordinary support, while avoiding being structured to a point of discomfort. Apricotton bras are here to support all of your leaps and bounds throughout adolescence!

Buttery Soft Comfort for Yoga

Yoga - the most relaxing and gentle of all activities. Whether it is your first time attempting yoga or you are a seasoned yogi, we can agree that comfort and flexibility are key to a meaningful practice. At Apricotton, your comfort is our priority. This is made evident through our tried and true choice of fabric, a buttery soft, stretchy fabric which stretches as you stretch. In fact, customers claim that “it’s the softest bra I’ve ever worn!!”. The Cloud Bra is our softest bra yet, allowing you to slip into serenity while doing it in style. 


About the Author

Kate is a business student at Western University, who enjoys hiking and canoeing in her free time. As the oldest of three sisters, Kate has a passion for sharing advice, and helping girls build a sense of self-confidence.


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