Tips for Entering High School

Tips for Entering High School

By: Elizabeth Casciaro

While the jump from middle school to Grade 9 can seem intimidating, there’s nothing to fear.  Although you may feel like a small fish in quite a large pond at first, friendships, academics, and planning for the future will come more naturally to you than you might expect. Here are three tips to help you feel right at home:

Making New Friends

The most important thing to remember when trying to meet new friends in high school is to step out of your comfort zone. This can be as easy as being the one to initiate conversation with a classmate you find nice or simply asking a group of people who seem friendly to sit with them at lunch. Another tip is to join extracurriculars that require serious dedication such as band, sports, or drama. You’ll spend a lot more time here than you would in an average club and speaking from experience, you’ll inevitably become close with your peers here. Finally, and most importantly, is to be yourself! To have a long lasting, strong friendship, it’s important for your friends to like you for the real you and not a false version of yourself.

Handling the Workload

When adjusting from middle school to high school, a great resource academically is to ask your teachers for extra help or even getting a tutor if you can find one who’s affordable for you and your family. It’s also necessary to learn how to prioritize your time. While leaving time for socializing and relaxation is important, it’s also key that you can balance them with schoolwork (for example, making a rule for yourself that you’ll finish your homework before meeting up with friends or watching Netflix). 

Planning for the Future

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t actually need to have your entire life and career path planned out by Grade 12. The majority of people change their post-secondary plans many times throughout high school and even after graduation, so it’s not necessary to feel locked into your first choice or worried if you don’t have anything figured out yet. It’s never too late to work on a new goal, and everything really does fall into place in the end!

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About the Author:

Elizabeth is an English student graduate from Western University. She's excited to be working with Apricotton because she believes everyone deserves a comfortable bra shopping experience!


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