The Best Apricotton Bra for Your Favorite Sport

The Best Apricotton Bra for Your Favorite Sport

By: Kate McCallum 

Ever since creating Apricotton, our guiding mission has been empowering girls to take on the challenges of puberty with confidence. Our bras are each built to support you through a range of physical activity, whether it is a competitive sport, or just for fun! Although each bra is adaptable, we have created a guide to the perfect bras for your favorite sports. From the ice rink to the pool - we’ve got you covered!

Hockey, Soccer or Basketball: The Perfect Sports Bra

The Perfect Sports Bra is ideal to achieve peak performance in hockey, soccer, basketball, or any other high intensity cardio sport. This bra fits tight to the body, lying seamlessly under bulky equipment and jerseys. There is no need to worry about sweat stains that may develop during high-energy practices - this bra is made of sweat-wicking material, allowing sweat to bead off of the bra, rather than be absorbed. Having replaced uncomfortable underwire with a stretchy elastic band, you are guaranteed to feel unrestricted, yet supported, while shooting, passing and scoring!

Running: The Artemis Sports Bra

From long-distance trail running to explosive sprints, the Artemis Sports Bra will keep you feeling supported and dry. Just like our Perfect Sports Bra, this bra supports your chest with a robust yet comfortable elastic band. However, the Artemis Sports Bra is lower cut than its counterpart, allowing it to feel more lightweight, and be concealed easily under running tank tops. Further, the padding is entirely removable, giving you freedom to decide how much padding you need to feel quick and agile. You may choose your ideal level of padding based on your breast size, running shirt you are wearing, and the rigor of your run.

Dance: The Cloud Bra

The Cloud Bra is designed for optimal comfort in any genre of dance. This bra is made of a buttery-soft, sweat wicking material that will support flexibility, while making you feel gracefully unrestricted. No matter how many times your instructor asks your class to repeatedly rehearse a routine, rest assured that the Cloud bra will keep you feeling dry and mobile. Best of all, the cloud bra features narrow, criss-cross straps that can easily be concealed under any dance costume - perfect for recitals!

Gymnastics: The Milk Tea Bra

Gymnastics is a sport known for sweaty conditioning sessions and high demands for flexibility. Apricotton is here to take you to new heights with the Milk Tea Bra! This ultra-comfortable bra differs from our other bras, with a thinner elastic band. With a less restrictive structure, you are more free to flip, bounce and tumble over the competition. The Milk Tea bra comes in a neutral color, with a flattering V-shaped neckline - a design that is concealed well under your gymnastics uniform.


Skiing/Snowboarding: Perfect Bra 

The Perfect Bra is as easy, and as comfortable, as putting on a T-shirt, which makes it ideal for skiing and snowboarding activities. This bra fits snuggly to your body, creating a seamless underlayer for your warm coat and snow pants. The Perfect Bra is guaranteed to keep you feeling unrestricted, and cozy when you’re hitting the slopes this season. 

Swimming: Perfect Bralette/Swimlette 

Apricotton’s bras are not only limited to land-sports - the Perfect Bralette/Swimlette can be worn in the pool! This flattering triangle silhouette is perfect for any aquatic activities, ranging from lane-swimming to a calm day at the beach. This bra is made of stretchy, quick-dry fabric, ideal for speed and comfort in the pool. More so, the Perfect Bralette/Swimlette is triple layered, meaning nothing will show through - a feature of many swimsuits that causes insecurity for tween girls. This swimlette will keep you feeling confident as a bathing suit top, as well as a snug bralette. 

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About the Author

Kate is a business student at Western University, who enjoys hiking and canoeing in her free time. As the oldest of three sisters, Kate has a passion for sharing advice, and helping girls build a sense of self-confidence.


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