Our Affordable Holiday Gift Guide

Our Affordable Holiday Gift Guide

By: Kate McCallum

The quintessential holiday season is filled with joy, excitement and a familiar panic: what to gift your favourite friends and family members? In the chaos of school coming to a close for the year and hectic holiday planning, the December 25th deadline creeps up on you quickly. Facing the stress of your gift falling flat beside others, or earning an underwhelming unboxing, gift giving can be quite the worrisome task. 

With so many unique loved ones, how do you decide on the perfect gift for each without breaking the bank? Ultimately, you wish to communicate just how much you love and appreciate these important people in your life, and prove how well you know them. Luckily, I have assembled a comprehensive list of thoughtful gifts for your best friend, mom or dad.

To: My Bestie

A Special Framed Photo 

The most heartwarming gift to receive is a cherished picture in a cute frame. This gift option is inexpensive, creative and personal. These frames can be big or small - include as many pictures as you like!

Picture frame



Whether tied up in a ponytail, or wrapped around your wrist - Who doesn’t love the timeless accessory? Check out Apricotton’s 4 unique satin scrunchies

Apricotton scrunchies


Laptop Stickers

Stickers are a great way to customize your device, and selecting a handful of your friend’s favourite sayings, movies, TV shows or music artists can express how well you know them! Apricotton even offers some adorable stickers

Apricotton stickers


Funky Bedroom Lights

From brilliant sunset lamps to dainty fairy lights, it is guaranteed that your bestie will adore a new decorative light. You can find these lights for a range of prices, and a variety of styles.

Holiday gift guide: lights



Gift your bestie the perfect container for their morning iced latte, or favourite cold drink. This is a stylish way to remind them to stay hydrated throughout the day!



DIY Friendship Bracelets

Nothing shows your love for a friend better than a customized piece of jewelry. Friendship bracelets are crafty and personal gifts that are sure to bring you and your bestie closer together. You can elevate this classic gift by including inside jokes or nicknames written on the bracelets in lettered beads. Even better, you can gift your friend a beading kit, and enjoy the bonding experience of creating matching bracelets together! 

Friendship bracelets


Claw Clips 

The beloved claw clip - a perfect solution to a bad hair day, or a fabulous accessory to a trendy outfit. A surefire gift for a fashion forward friend. 

Claw clips

To: Mom

A Mood Journal 

Give your mom the gift of self-reflection with a hand-made mood journal. All you will need for this DIY gift is a blank bullet journal and a creative spirit. Plan out mood trackers, journal prompts and artfully crafted calendars to help your mom stay organized and mindful during the new year. 



A Cozy Blanket 

Just like a hug, a blanket provides the warm and fuzzy feeling every mom deserves. You can find a wide variety of blankets within a wide price range - you could even get creative and knit or crochet a personalized blanket!

Cozy blankets


Comfy PJs

Another great way to give back to your mom by helping her kick back and relax in style. 

Comfy Pajamas


A Quirky Mug 

Every mom has an unlimited supply of mugs, but you can gift her a new favourite by searching for a uniquely funny catch phrase, funny quote or another feature that only she would appreciate. 

Quirky mug

To: Dad

Dads are notoriously hard to buy for, but with a comedic eye you may be able to find the perfect gem. 

A Homemade BBQ Spice Kit

The ideal gift for a BBQ loving dad. By researching simple BBQ rub recipes, you can assemble a wonderful mix of spices from your existing spice cupboard into small labelled containers. This ultimate spice kit will simplify all of Dad’s grilling adventures!



The Classic Baseball Cap

Whether it features the emblem of your Dad’s favourite sports team, or a favourite brand, you can never go wrong with a sturdy baseball cap.

Baseball hats


A Funny Tie

Tap into your comedic side - gift your Dad a silly tie or a tacky Holiday themed classic.

Funny ties


A Tasteful Apron

The quintessential BBQ uniform to accompany a new spice kit. Your Dad is sure to appreciate a funny new addition to his cooking attire.

Funny apron

Looking for even more gifts for yourself or a friend? Check out Apricotton's bras and scrunchies!


About the Author

Kate is a business student at Western University, who enjoys hiking and canoeing in her free time. As the oldest of three sisters, Kate has a passion for sharing advice, and helping girls build a sense of self-confidence.


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