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Older Sister Advice: Periods

By: Jessica Miao

You’re in the school bathroom and realize you just got your period for the first time. ACK. You hope that it’s light enough to line your underwear with tissue paper and make an excuse to your friends as to why you were in the bathroom for so long. Totally normal. 

While you get used to your period, there might be some things you notice. Firstly, your period cycle is irregular. Everyone’s body is on their own schedule and yours is just getting used to your hormones changing. I recommend getting a period app to track it so that it’s easier to predict. If you’re worried about a friend or family member seeing it on your phone, you can make an app folder, fill it with random apps, and hide it on the second page of this folder 😉.

Irregular First Periods

With your irregular period, you might experience breakthrough bleeding. This happens when you have light bleeding in the middle of your cycle. Breakthrough bleeding and period blood can also be brown instead of red with a way lighter flow (enjoy this while it lasts, even though all periods suck). There’s not much you can do to predict breakthrough bleeding but make sure you wash your underwear as soon as possible so that it doesn’t stain. If you don’t have time right away, keep the stain wet by running your underwear under cold water so it is easier to wash out when you return.

How to Get Rid of Period Stains

There are many different home mixtures to get rid of period stains. However, if you don’t want to turn your bathroom into a science lab, I recommend using a laundry detergent soap bar and cold water. Scrub the soap bar onto the stain and then run it under the tap while rubbing the two sides of the fabric together until it’s clean. If the stain has been sitting for awhile, spray it with a laundry stain remover and scrub it under water before using soap. 

Period stains are normal. The bad news is that you’ll have them for many many years to come but the good news is that if you follow these tips, they won’t be more than a minor inconvenience. 

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About the Author

Jessica Miao is the co-founder of Apricotton. She started Apricotton after taking her 13-year-old sister bra shopping and not being able to find any bras that fit her body type. She hopes to help girls around the world through puberty by not only designing the comfiest bras ever but answering any awkward questions they have. You can DM @apricottongirls on IG to reach her! She loves making new friends. 


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