Older Sister Advice: Getting Used to Boobs

Older Sister Advice: Getting Used to Boobs

By: Melody Lau

Growing boobs is probably one of your biggest worries during puberty. Some girls are impatiently waiting for the day to go bra shopping for the first time or dreading the day someone notices they’re wearing a bra.

Breast development is a natural process for most girls between the ages of 8 and 13. You may already start to ask questions from the moment they first feel sore, but don’t worry. The earliest sign of breast growth is the development of breast “buds”, which are nickel-sized bumps under the breast that cause slight swelling.

It’s perfectly normal for your boobs to feel tender, sore or itchy. If you’re feeling these symptoms, make sure to speak up and get ready to buy your first bra! Wearing a bra will make you feel more comfortable and minimize your pain. We recommend our Perfect Bra for first time wearers, as it acts as a first introduction like a training bra. 

You will begin to see physical changes with your breasts, as they will become more round and full with your body fat increasing. Don’t fret if one of your boobs is bigger than the other, because this is very common. 

All nipples are unique with different colours or shapes, from innies or outies to smooth or bumpy. You may also notice the areola, which is the area around your nipple, will get larger and darker. Areolas can be light or dark: tan, pink or brown. 

Don’t be afraid to take a look at your breasts up-close or in the mirror. They’re a mystery that you’ll learn more about every day. 

If you have any “embarrassing” questions that are living rent-free in your mind, be sure to message us or just say hi! Please remember that no questions are ever embarrassing or too awkward.

About the Author:

Melody is a Master’s student in Journalism and Communication at Western and hopes to pursue a career in entertainment or investigative journalism. She also loves Letterboxd, country music and is excited to be a part of the Apricotton Team! Connect with her here



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