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Older Sister Advice: Sweat

By: Jessica Miao

A joy that comes with puberty is that you sweat more and it becomes more visible (cue sarcasm). Luckily, sweat can easily be covered up by deodorant. It might be difficult to develop the habit at first, but I recommend wearing deodorant every day just in case you sweat unexpectedly. It could be a math test, gym class, or having to do a presentation with your crush. It’s better to come prepared. 

There are so many different deodorants to choose from. The solid stick ones are the easiest to put on, but they might pop out and crack if they bounce around in your backpack too much. The gel ones are easier to carry around, but can come out too much, too fast. 

Every girl also sweats a different amount. The fruity deodorants smell great but they don’t mask the smell as well as the clean-smelling ones. If you feel like female deodorants aren’t covering up your sweat, you can buy a neutral smelling male deodorant. Some of them just smell like fresh laundry and are made to cover up sweat better. I’m not embarrassed to admit that I’ve tried them and they’re great! Who cares about gender based packaging anyway? 

So you’ve masked the odour, but how do you hide sweat stains? If you’re doing sports, I recommend you wear a sports bra like this one. While exercising, wear a tank top and criss-cross your Perfect Sports Bra straps to match it. Tank tops leave a wider gap under your armpit so that your sweat is less likely to show. After working out, wipe off any excess sweat and reapply your deodorant. Apricotton’s moisture-wicking Perfect Sports Bra is designed to go from gym to english class by keeping you dry. It’s made to be as soft as your favorite T-Shirt to not distract you from your workout. You can also change out of it and into our Perfect Bra, swapping one breathable material for another. Goodbye sweat stains, forever. 

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About the Author

Jessica Miao is one of the co-founders of Apricotton. Her goal is to make sure that you never have to go through puberty alone. She is an older sister and is happy to also be yours. She recently graduated from university and lives in Toronto. Thank you for supporting her dream to become an entrepreneur. 


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