Types of Breast Shapes

Types of Breast Shapes

By: Melody Lau

Breasts are incredibly unique. There’s no universal size, shape or consistent growth rate. Sometimes, one breast is even larger than the other or looks a little different on a specific day. Don’t worry as small or big changes are bound to happen, especially if you’re still at the age of puberty.

According to Medical News Today, there are nine different breast shapes. You may fall into one of these categories of breasts or have a distinctive shape yourself. We just want you to know that all breast shapes are perfectly normal and that there’s no need to compare the appearance of your breasts to anyone else.

9 types of breast shapes

1. Round Breasts

Round breasts are roughly equally full at the top and the bottom. If you have this breast shape, you won’t need a bra with too much coverage or padding.

2. Bell Shaped Breasts

Bell shaped breasts are narrower at the top and fuller at the bottom. Individuals with larger breasts tend to fall into this category and require bras with more coverage.

3. Teardrop Breasts

Teardrop Breasts are similar to the bell shape, but they’re rounder at the top. Some individuals with these breasts may experience bra cup gaps, which means your breasts are resting at the bottom of the cups with the top having unwanted space. If this happens to you, try to tighten your straps! 

4. Conical Breasts

Conical breasts have a cone-like shape — hence the name! They tend to have a sloping shape at the top with pointy nipples and pointing outward away from the body. 

5. Relaxed Breasts

Relaxed breasts usually have thinner or looser breast tissue, causing the breasts to be longer — potentially hanging with nipples pointing downward. 

6. East-West Breasts

East-west breasts tend to be equally full at the top and bottom, but the breasts are wide-set with nipples usually pointing away from each other. With some lower-cut tops, a padded bra may be ideal to achieve cleavage and prevent breasts from looking saggy. 

7. Side-Set Breasts

Side-set breasts look like east-west breasts but each breast may be even further apart from each other and nipples are pointed in the same direction.

8. Close-Set Breasts

Close-set breasts have little space between the breasts, as they’re tightly packed in the centre of one’s chest.

9. Asymmetrical Breasts

Asymmetrical breasts are special with one breast being larger than the other. This may be annoying when you’re purchasing a bra and thinking it’s the perfect fit for one side of your chest. If you find most bras are uncomfortable, find one with removable inserts. 


Honestly, when I was looking at the categories of breasts, I had no idea which category I fell into. I felt like my breasts could fall into at least two categories or a mixture of both. Breasts are truly a strange natural phenomena and we’re learning new things about our bodies everyday.

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