How to tell your parents you’ve started your first period

How to tell your parents you’ve started your first period

By: Elizabeth Casciaro

So, the day you might have been expecting for the past few months (or years!) is finally here. There’s probably at least a small part of you that’s freaking out, which is totally normal. You might even be less worried about your period itself and more scared about how you’ll break the news to your parents. You won’t be the first or last person to wonder this, so here are some tried and true tips to make the process easier:

Don’t be embarrassed (and try your best to relax!):

As you approach the age of puberty, your parents are most likely expecting to hear about your period soon. So, try to keep in mind that it’s natural and that your family is possibly even anticipating it as it’s also a sign that your body is staying healthy. It’s also important to be direct about it. If you’re nervous, it’s better to be clear and get over the conversation quickly rather than beat around the bush.

Try discussing it with your mom privately:

If it makes you more comfortable, you can absolutely tell your mom about your first period one on one. Since she’s gone through the same experience as you and most likely has had countless periods, she’ll be able to relate to you on a higher level. She’s also more likely to know the answers to any questions you have about periods and can teach you how to use pads or tampons.

Write it down:

If you’re still feeling shy about telling your parents about your first period, leaving a note is always an option! If you choose this method, make sure to leave it in a private place like a purse so that no one else will find it.

You can also follow any of these methods for any puberty related topic, including asking your mom for a first or new bra

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