How to Prevent Your Strapless Bra From Falling

How to Prevent Your Strapless Bra From Falling

By: Melody Lau

Have you ever avoided wearing a strapless top or dress because you were afraid of wearing a strapless bra? Some of you may have also had a bad experience with these bras before and don’t want to live through another tragedy. I just want to say that you’re not alone! 
Throughout my life, I’ve tried to avoid strapless bras. That may sound extreme — but the first time I wore a strapless bra, it kept slipping down to my stomach.

I was so embarrassed that I had to keep lifting my bra, and it’s not an easy task when you’re in public. I vowed to never wear a strapless bra ever again. I even used to wear cardigans with strapless dresses to cover up my bra straps. 

But recently, I decided to give strapless bras another try and to my surprise — it never slipped down throughout the day. I guess I just wasn’t wearing the right bra and lacked knowledge. Here are a few recommendations and tips I found when finding a perfect strapless bra that you won’t need to worry about!

size down at least one band size

When buying a strapless bra, you need to wear a band size smaller than what you normally wear. Without straps providing you with support, you need a tighter fit to ensure your bra comfortably hugs your breasts. I think one of my biggest mistakes when I was purchasing my first strapless bra was trying it on briefly after finding my bra size. It may seem perfect in the dressing room — but when you wear it around for a few hours, you may realize it’s way too loose! 

avoid padded strapless bras

Padded bras certainly have their advantages and disadvantages. Sometimes  it may make a certain top look better, but this was not the case for me with my first padded strapless bra. With the padding, the bra didn’t hug my breasts tightly and it was more obvious when it kept sliding down below my chest. I would recommend a bandeau to ensure a tight fit!

skip the moisturizer

We understand the importance of moisturizing your skin, but try not to use any creams or oils on your chest before putting on your strapless bra. With the adhesive grips or silicone lining on bras, it’ll stick to your skin better without the creamy or silky texture of moisturizers.

try Apricotton’s Zero G Strapless Bra

Out with the old and in with the new bra! Our Zero G Strapless Bra is our MOST requested bra ever, designed with all your concerns in mind. An underwire-free bra with removable straps AND silicone grips that keep it in place, this is an essential basic that hides under any top. 


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If you’re still unsure about strapless bras, but you’re also annoyed with your bra straps showing, then try some of Apricotton’s other bras. From our Perfect Bra, Perfect Sports Bra to the Perfect Bralette, each bra has adjustable straps that you can criss-cross to make your bra invisible under any top.

If you have any “embarrassing” questions that are living rent-free in your mind, be sure to message us or just say hi on IG! Please remember that no questions are ever embarrassing or too awkward.



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