How to Find Your Personal Sense of Style

How to Find Your Personal Sense of Style

By: Kate McCallum

After being bombarded with a never-ending media stream of short-lived fashion trends, you may be left wondering… how do I keep up? With the growth of fast fashion shortening the style cycle and urging us to spend money on unsustainable pieces, finding your authentic sense of style has never been more important (or tricky!). Fortunately, Apricotton has put together a collection of crucial tips to creating foundational fashion that will outlive and outperform any social media trend. After all, fashion is meant to be a unique expression of you! 

Draw Inspiration from your Surroundings 

The first step to defining your personal style is by taking time to observe those who inspire you, from acquaintances to celebrities in the media. Whether it be a well-dressed stranger on the subway or the star of your all-time favorite rom-com, fashion inspiration is all around us! Take time to note what element of their outfit is appealing to you, and what part you could tweak to better reflect your taste. By getting to know what you like, and what simply isn’t for you, you will be prepared to begin your fashion journey. 

Look Back in the Archives 

A great way to put your most stylish foot forwards is by looking back at retro fashion trends. The fashion life cycle causes old trends to resurface every few decades, but it can be difficult to attain this standard of ‘trendiness’. Instead, I suggest you look at timeless pieces that have maintained a hold on the fashion industry, outlived micro-trends and remained staple closet pieces. By incorporating the mom jean or the classic leather jacket into your wardrobe, you will create an elegant style that lasts the test of time. 

Pinterest, Pinterest, Pinterest 

Among other social media apps, Pinterest stands out as a hub for creativity and every niche of fashion inspiration. A simple and effective way to set your style intentions is by crafting vision boards. By collecting the styles you are drawn to in one digital location, you will be able to observe the recurring patterns and overarching themes of your ideal wardrobe. 

Choose your Favorite Silhouettes and Color Palettes 

After observing your surroundings, digging through the fashion archives and cultivating a personalized vision board, you will start to notice the silhouettes and color schemes that you are most drawn to. By identifying these preferences, you will be able to narrow your focus when shopping, and make sure you are investing in pieces that you will continue to love. Find the silhouettes that make you feel confident, and color combinations that make your complexion pop!

Thrifting is your Best Friend 

With your fashion intentions set, you are ready to hit the shops. Thrifting is the secret to finding timeless, unique pieces that are sustainable - at a friendly price. The process of thrifting can even be inspiring in and of itself! As you time your take to sift through the racks, reference your ideal silhouettes, colors and fashion eras that you identified before shopping. While thrifting may require more time and energy than some retail stores, you are doing the environment a favor by shopping sustainably, and resisting the draw towards fast fashion. 

Invest in Staple Pieces & Accessorize 

Understanding that it is not realistic to purchase an entirely new wardrobe, I advise you to pick out a few staple items as a foundation, and modify outfits by adding accessories. This may be a colorful scarf, chunky jewelry or a statement hairstyle. Once the base of your authentic wardrobe has been established, the fashion possibilities are endless. 

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About the Author

Kate is a business student at Western University, who enjoys hiking and canoeing in her free time. As the oldest of three sisters, Kate has a passion for sharing advice, and helping girls build a sense of self-confidence.


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