Do I Need a Bra?

Do I Need a Bra?

By: Chloe Beaudoin

Figuring out when you need a bra can be tricky. We’ve created a short quiz to help you find out if you should get a bra, along with some tips on how to convince your parents that you’re ready to buy one. 



1. Are you around puberty age?

Girls hit puberty between the ages of 8 to 14, with most girls getting their first bra at 11. When you’re in this age range, you’re most likely to start developing breasts. But that’s not the only sign of puberty, since most girls start getting their period at this age. You’ll also start growing body hair and possibly gain a little weight due to new “puberty” hormones. But there’s no need to worry! This is completely normal. If you’re experiencing these symptoms, you might be ready to buy a bra.

2. Are your breasts starting to develop?

Once you hit puberty, you’ll start to develop breast buds. These are little bumps on your chest area that might look pointy. The more your breasts develop, the more you’ll be able to notice them, even through your shirt. You might feel some tenderness where your breasts are developing.

It’s hard to tell what size you should be before buying a bra. Luckily, training bras and bralettes come in regular t-shirt sizes, making it easy to find the size that’ll fit you best, even if you’re not sure about your measurements.

3. Are the other kids at school wearing a bra?

Although this shouldn’t really affect your decision to wear a bra, I understand that other people in your class can have a big influence. If the other girls are wearing bras and it’s making you want one, then go for it! If you’re not developed yet, we suggest a training bra. It’ll help you get used to wearing a bra and looks good under most shirts. If you’re worried about gym class, then try out a sports bra which is literally made for physical activity!

If you feel like you need a bra but the other girls in your school aren’t yet wearing one, then you should be excited about being a trendsetter (kidding, but not really). It can be daunting to be the first one to wear a bra, but just remember that the others will be wearing one soon too. If you’re feeling a bit self-conscious, I recommend getting a bra that’s less visible. Try one that matches your skin tone or your shirt colour. For example, if you’re wearing a black shirt, wear a black bra so that it blends in. No-show straps can be changed to a criss-cross pattern if you’re wearing a tank top or different styled shirt, and makes them barely noticeable.

4. Do you want a bra?

Maybe your friends are wearing bras. Maybe you just think they’re cool. Honestly, the choice to get a bra is up to you. Even if you don’t show signs of puberty, it’s still okay to wear a bra. Some girls wear them just because they look nice. Even though you can’t see a bra under your shirt, the right bra can make all the difference in your outfit, making you feel and look more confident. We suggest starting out with the basics:

  • A basic bra that will get you used to wearing a bra (our recommendation: the Perfect Bra)
  • A sports bra, which is great for gym class and other sports (our recommendation: the Perfect Sports Bra or Artemis Sports Bra)
  • And a lounge bra or bralette, which looks good but is comfortable enough to wear at home or at school (our recommendation: the Cloud Bra)

And if you are experiencing the things mentioned above but still don’t want a bra, that’s okay too. Not everyone is ready for their first bra. If a family member buys one for you but you don’t feel comfortable enough to wear it yet, I suggest only wearing it at home first. Try to wear it as much as possible when you’re chilling at home to get used to your bra. This will help you feel more comfortable wearing a bra at school. It’ll take some getting used to but I find that wearing a bra that I actually like helps make the process a lot easier.

How do I ask my parents for a bra?

So you’ve realized that you need (or want) a bra, now comes the fun part. Tell someone in your family that you trust that you want a bra. Most girls find it easiest to tell their mom or their sister but you can ask anyone in your family. You might even want to do some research so you can tell your trusted person the kind of bras you want. 

Some family members might be more resistant to you getting a bra. If you really want one but they say no, you might have to be a little more convincing. Ask them why they don’t want you to get a bra. Sometimes it’s just because they think you’re growing up too fast. If you tell them why you want a bra, either because you’re entering puberty, you see your friends wearing them, or you just plain want one, they might be more willing to get you a bra. And again, doing your own research beforehand shows them that you’re really committed. 

If you really don’t know who to tell or how to tell them, send us a message. We’re here to help! 


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