Puberty Signs No One Talks About

Puberty Signs No One Talks About

By: Elizabeth Casciaro

There are many different physical signs of puberty, and they all start at different times. The average age that a girl starts is about 11, but it’s completely normal and healthy to start anywhere from 8 to 14. Most girls will finish around 16, but keep in mind that your body will still always change throughout your life! Here are some basic well known signs:

What are the Common Signs of Puberty?

  1. Breast Development: This is commonly one of the very first signs. Uneven growth and soreness are typical and level out over time as you grow.
  2. Body Hair: This is also sometimes the first sign. It’s nothing to be self-conscious about, so don’t feel pressured to shave until you’re personally ready. If you don’t want to, that’s also completely your choice!
  3. Discharge: When you begin seeing discharge, it signals that your first period may make an appearance soon. 
  4. Periods: The average age of a girl’s first period is 12. They’ll most likely be irregular for the first few years. Cramps are also common, but if you find them debilitating it’s important to reach out to a doctor to make sure there are no health issues.

Social and Personality Signs of Puberty

You’re probably interested in more than just the physical signs of puberty. A lot of people forget that social and personality changes are sometimes the most dramatic! Here are ones that everyone tends to go through:

  1. Friendship Changes: Your best friends right now might not be in your life forever. This isn’t a bad thing and doesn’t mean drama has to accompany it either. As your personality grows and changes, so do your needs in a friendship and you might need to surround yourself with a different group of people than before. This can be stressful, but just remember that everyone goes through it and you’ll find strong relationships eventually!                                                                              
  2. Fashion Changes: You might start getting tired of your childhood wardrobe and want to start wearing clothes that express your unique style. Make sure to wear what you feel comfortable in and not just what trends others expect you to follow. Personally, I love looking for style inspo on Instagram and Youtube. Some great clothing stores for teens are thrift stores for unique pieces that show your personality.                                                                             
  3. Feelings for Others: No matter your orientation, this is completely normal and nothing to be ashamed of. You’re probably starting to learn more about sex ed at school, which is super important to pay attention to, as it’s an important part of your health once you’re in your older years. Try to make sure all of your sources of information are reputable as well, as there’s a lot of incorrect ones on the Internet. If you’re more of a late bloomer and don’t have feelings for anyone it’s also totally fine and you don’t need to force yourself to date around just because everyone else is. And one last point: Just because you’re a girl doesn’t mean that you can’t be the one to ask the other person out! Shoot your shot and put yourself out there!                                                                             
  4. Emotional Changes: You might find that you’re a bit moodier than before, especially around the time of your period. This is very common because your hormones are changing so much. However, if you find that you’re starting to have a very difficult time or feeling depressed, please reach out to a trusted adult. If you feel shy talking about it to your parents, your teachers at school will completely understand and can help you figure it out. 

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About the Author:

Elizabeth is a 4th year English student at Western University. She's excited to be working with Apricotton because she believes everyone deserves a comfortable bra shopping experience!


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